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  1. Single, Taken, Hungry Bead Pouch White
  2. Love Beaded Pouch Red
  3. You Are Golden Bead Pouch Silver
  4. Wine Is My Valentine Bead Pouch Pink
  5. Valentine Cupcake Earrings Pink
  6. Heart Ombre Earrings Red
  7. Bride Cowgirl Boot Earrings White
  8. V Is For Vodka Earrings Red
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  9. Rose Wine Earrings Blush
  10. Heart Beaded Earrings Pink
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  11. Main Squeeze Earrings Gold
  12. Be Mine Heart Earrings Pink
  13. Love Letter Earrings Blush
  14. Be Wine Earrings Red
  15. Valentine Pizza Earrings